The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.

Joseph Pilates

Our main goal here is YOU! Establish greater rapport with your body through a consistent Pilates practice. Eve will encourage you to first develop body awareness by "brain mapping" your neuromuscular system with innovative tools such as THE OOV and utilizing a comprehensive Pilates Method System (Fletcher Pilates). Learn efficiency, control, and harmony from head to toe. Welcome to your healthiest life at Barrel and Spring Studio.


Est. February 2016

Physical Address: 3919 Rigali Ave Los Angeles CA 90039 

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Do you believe in living a life full of joy and having a body that will allow you to live that life, free of stiffness, pain, and injury? This belief informs and guides the core teachings and practices at Barrel and Spring Studio. Eve focuses on helping clients better connect to themselves and their surroundings.

Pilates for Equestrians (Dressage/Hunter Jumper/Horsemanship) at The Paddock!

Eve works with you and your trainer to facilitate a more stable ride and give you more control over your breathing and horsemanship/equitation. 

Youth Lessons: Lessons are available to clients ages 14 and up! We welcome youth students. 

When you come for Pilates: please drive slowly and watch out for horses as the studio is located on the grounds of a private Equestrian facility. ALL participation is AT OWN RISK, including parking and walking into the facility. 


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Group Pilates

Our classes are currently running on Zoom!

Mondays 9 am Core Galore
Wednesdays 4 pm Pi-Yo Slow Flow
Saturdays 10 am All Levels Community

Private Lessons

Available Mondays-Saturdays

By Appointment,
Based on Availability.
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"What we think, we become"



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(818) 427-2751

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