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Pilates instruction

What is Fletcher Pilates® and How is it Different from "other Pilates"?

Fletcher Pilates® is the lineage of pilates as brought about by Ron Fletcher who studied under Joseph Pilates (the creator of the work). CLICK HERE to learn more about the Fletcher Pilates® lineage. It is a comprehensive, systematic approach to movement that will change your body if you commit to the process! 

What should I wear to Pilates (or... what NOT to wear!)?

  • Black or dark, close-fitting leggings, pants, or tights (that are not see-through) and a close-fitting top that shows your body (appropriately).  This is because baggy yoga pants, loose-fitting clothes, stripes, bright colors, etc. make it hard for your teacher to see your body.

  • Please: No belts, zippers, or buttons that could catch and tear the equipment upholstery. 

  • If you choose to wear gym shorts: please wear underpants or bike shorts. 

What if I have to cancel my session?

We ask that you cancel your session at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid a cancellation fee. Time cannot be refunded and sessions canceled late can rarely be re-booked. 

Will my Pilates Teacher stretch me out and touch me if I ask him/her?

SHOWING UP READY AND WILLING TO MOVE IS IMPORTANT! Pilates teachers are NOT massage therapists or physical therapists. Show up to move. If you want a massage, we love referring you to good ones! Hands-on stretching is individual to each teacher. Teachers are meant to facilitate teaching you to move. 

Why is Pilates kind of... expensive?

Pilates, unlike Yoga, involves the use of expensive and valuable equipment. The work experienced on this equipment teaches us much more about our bodies than a mat on the floor can offer. 



Eve is not an actress pretending to be a pilates teacher on the side. Eve's dedication to her movement practice and to the physical health of others IS her livelihood. Being a fitness enthusiast being a student of the human body means constantly evolving and educating. There is never an end to a bodyworker's education! 

What makes Eve a special teacher is her complete dedication to being a student of the craft. Every year Eve spends time and money on educational workshops, classes, privates, and attending conferences so she can be the most up-to-date teacher possible and give her students the best there is to offer from a Pilates practice. 

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Clean feet or socks (preferably with grips/traction for your safety) are much appreciated. Your teacher thanks you in advance for this courtesy.


Sweating during Pilates is OKAY! If you are someone who sweats profusely please consider bringing a towel with you. Always shower and wear deodorant prior to pilates.

We sell branded studio towels for $20. These are high quality workout towels that can be comfortably worn around the neck. 

Showing up on time is important if you want to enjoy all 50 minutes (standard hour) of your session. The session begins at the scheduled time, not at the time of arrival. 

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