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Eve Salazar using the Fletcher Towel while seated on the Pilates Small Barrel.



Ron Fletcher (May 29, 1921 – December 6, 2011) was a first-generation master Pilates teacher who studied directly under Joseph and Clara Pilates, authored Every Body is Beautiful, and danced in the Martha Graham Company. He was also a choreographer for various Broadway productions, network television and the International Ice Capades.

Ron Fletcher studied the principles of Body Contrology from Joseph and Clara Pilates in their New York City studio at 939 8th Avenue on and off from 1948 until he opened his studio in Beverly Hills in 1971. A gifted dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Ron Fletcher continued to lend his own vision, sensibility and genius for movement to the original Pilates method.


A few of the unique aspects of Fletcher Pilates®:

  • Taking the work vertical - Ron was the first to take the work fully into standing, including moving across the floor in a three-dimensional way.

  • Fletcher Towelwork® - The Fletcher Towelwork, developed and refined by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher over the course of 4 decades, is a licensed body of work unique to the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study. It ranges from simple, yet effective, movements designed to balance, stabilize and mobilize the shoulder girdle and thoracic spine, to challenging and beautifully complex full-body movement patterns. The Fletcher Towelwork technique can be taught in standing, seated and supine positions.

  • Percussive Breathing™ technique - Ron Fletcher took Joseph Pilates' emphasis on breathing fully and brought more definition to it with percussive breathing, a dynamic breath technique. The accompanying sound is a by-product of the activation of the core musculature, what Ron calls "the breathing apparatus". It is coordinated with movement, and it sometimes divides the inhale or exhale into a series of shorter bursts of taking in or releasing the air.

Ron Fletcher, Black and White Image

Ron Fletcher

Excerpts from "Exploring Fletcher Pilates," by Marguerite Ogle.

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