What do YOU need from your movement practice? (The Oov is pictured here.)

Relief from pain, Athletic Versatility, Flexibility, Strength, Control, Balance, Efficiency, Postural Stability, Stamina, Being better at your sport, something meditative that doesn't involve going to a gym...? 




The Oov

Variety makes the body versatile! Little habits stack up to major results. It takes time and commitment to undo decades of bad posture or work habits! By taking private lessons consistently you can undo those bad habits step-by-step! The Oov is the best and most portable tool you can use alongside Pilates and traditional calisthenics in the studio and at home.

Learn what you can be doing at home with The Oov, everyday, to make an impact on your health and strength. Pilates is for any age. If weight loss is your goal we will recommend cardio & food programs to clients struggling with obesity. Health is a multi-pronged approach! 

Sign up for our Introductory Series or a Virtual Private Lesson. Reach out today: 818-427-2751

Private Lessons
One-on-one lessons with an Experienced Teacher.

Private lessons utilizing a variety of Pilates equipment, props, tools, and personalized teaching is your gateway to a better relationship with your body. At Barrel & Spring we want you to have a strong movement program at home! Private lessons will also be used to help you build a successful HOME WORKOUT SERIES you can do anywhere, anytime. Traveling or need Pilates-On-The-Go? We now offer Virtual Lessons so you don't have to leave Pilates behind. All our rates are on our Rates page.

Studio Owner & Teacher
Eve Salazar, NCPT

Eve Salazar is a Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher and a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT). Eve teaches Pilates on ALL the apparatus. Eve has been teaching since 2007, running her own private lessons business since 2011 and holds certificates from:

  • BASI (Body Arts & Sciences, Int'l.)

  • Pilates Sports Center

  • Fletcher Pilates 

  • Oov Education

  • The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

(818) 427-2751

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