Studio Policies 

We are here to serve you and act as a guide in your fitness experience.

We welcome all genders, races, and religions. 

The studio reserves the right to change these and any other policies at any time and without notice. 

Participation equals consent to these policies.

All participation is at own risk.

We do not offer refunds.

All purchases are final.

Barrel & Spring is a family-run small business and our policies exist to protect our company, staff, and you, the customer.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who refuses to adhere to our service agreements and policies. 

Details on specific policies below.



We operate under an industry standard 24-hour cancellation policy for all lessons and classes. Please give 24 hour's notice to avoid a late-cancel charge. A late-cancel charge means your account has been charged as if you had attended.  

GROUP CLASS Registration

Registration closes 1 hour prior to the start of class. Please no late arrivals. 


Practice Lab & Holiday Bookings are subject to a 48-hour cancellation policy. 


Payment is required in advance of scheduling as it confirms that you plan to attend. Appointments will not be held without payment. To remain current with your series and to maintain your appointment slot, renewals are due on or before the last lesson of the current series. *You will be receiving emails letting you know when your series (classes or privates) is low or has run out.* Those emails will help you stay informed as to the status of your series so you know when to expect renewal. 


Please let us know if you plan to be late. If the client is LESS than 15 min late and has given notice, the lesson will continue but be abbreviated and end at the scheduled time. If 15+ minutes has passed and the client has still not shown up (the lesson will be cancelled and the client will be charged for the lesson (late cancel/no show). 


If the teacher is more than 15 minutes late, additional time will either be offered or added to the end of the lesson, provided there is not another lesson immediately following (or a reschedule option will be offered). Thank you for understanding that in a situation where your teacher needs to reschedule at the last minute, your teacher is choosing to part with her income in order to deal with a family emergency or problem requiring immediate attention. Teacher late cancels cannot be "swapped or traded" with past or future student late cancels as the teacher has sacrificed income in these situations and the student has not been charged.


We love children but do not offer childcare. Our studio is not equipped with space for children. Please keep children at home. Thank you for this courtesy as this protects the health & welfare of all our students. Lessons are intended to be a personal escape and time for YOU. 

Expirations & Refunds

All packages unless stated otherwise expire 90 days from purchase. Thank you for purchasing with vacations & work trips in mind as we do not offer refunds, extensions, or exchanges. Extensions given for medical reasons will max out at 6 months' and are only granted with a note from a Medical Physician (M.D.) or Surgeon and do not include elective cosmetic surgery. 

In the case of a legally required refund we will deduct any courtesy cancellations, reschedules, or freebies given throughout the course of the relationship from the account and a refund will be given based on any remaining balance. An administrative fee of up to $500 may also be added to cover administrative costs and employee/owner costs related to time spent in the course of this action. Any legal fees will also be deducted from any remaining balance or applied and billed to client.

Sickness Policy

The Golden Rule: Do NOT come to Pilates if you are sick. We understand that "late cancels" are a bummer. Coming to Pilates while sick puts our staff and other clients at risk for illness and can cause temporary studio closures. 

Thank you for making Pilates a healthy practice! 


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