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I am no longer having such chronic back pain since I began doing private Pilates lessons 2x a week with Eve. You notice such a difference if you even miss one week of lessons! Plus she'll give you specific work you can do at home so you can stay strong even without being in the studio.


I have become a more stable rider with better balance in my body, more awareness about my posture, and even my horse can tell the difference. My riding lessons have just been so much better since I began Pilates with Eve. (Youth student)


Eve is an awesome teacher she makes me laugh she's very knowledgeable and you will definitely SWEAT in Pilates! My shoulders and posture are definitely feeling much better and I can weight lift with more ease and stability in my chest and legs.


I've been a ballerina and taught ballet my whole life and I've never worked with a teacher who knows as much about the human body as Eve. She really cares about her students and gets into the details with her eagle eyes!



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